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History, present and the future

We started as a two-man company in 2004. While doing mostly web software development, we needed fast and reliable servers for hosting of our projects. Soon we realized that cheap and reliable don’t go together. It simply wasn’t possible to find reliable services for a low price (applicable to both data centers and hardware). So we kept raising our hosting budget until we decided to setup our own servers as it seemed as a much more cost effective solution. And surprisingly it was!

Later on our customers were asking about regular hosting too, so inevitably we ended up serving our software customers with hosting accounts as well. Having our customer base in the USA, we decided to incorporate there to serve them better, especially in regards to the accounting, taxes and pricing in general.

We currently specialize in European hosting only with servers in Dutch and German data centers. We offer mostly only regular web hosting, reseller hosting and for selected customers also custom VPS or dedicated server solutions.

How about the future? It took us nearly three years to establish the quality background, both technical and personnel, before we even started to publicly offer our regular hosting services. We believe that growing fast is not the way to go, even that it may sound foolish, we still believe that rocket expansion can only lead to major problems. That is also one of the reasons why we will never offer unlimited resources like others do nor we will try to conquer the world hosting market in general. We will steadily continue to grow at the current rate, transforming from a software company into a hosting company and focus on our customers in the meantime, because as we highly believe, the relationship between customers and us shall always be on the first place.

If you are interested, you can find more information about our technical background in the Hardware and Network section. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff!