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The Concept of Shared and Reseller Hosting

We currently specialize in shared and reseller web hosting. Before you sign up for our services, you should know what both hosting types represent and how do they work.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting basically means that customers pay lower price for their hosting account and share part of the server resources with other customers – e.g. hard drive, CPU, network, memory etc. but each of these resources cannot be exactly dedicated to them in the absolute terms with the exception of the hard drive space and the amount of data transfer (bandwidth).

Note: Although there exist providers that sell more hard drive space and/or data transfer than they actually own typically in case of “unlimited hosting”), we do not believe in so called overselling strategy.

As all these beforehand mentioned resources are shared, all customers should use them wisely and no single site shall affect the performance of other web sites sharing the same server. This means that if a web site is abusing the server CPU/RAM resources, we will locate the problem and solve it. This includes for example problematic scripts or web applications, which in such case are disabled until the issue is resolved with the customer. Keep in mind that even low bandwidth web sites with minimum visitors can cause troubles to the whole server if bad scripts are used.

This does not relate only to scripts, but also activities on the server in general. For example badly programmed MySQL queries, very huge databases, scheduled tasks etc. may cause issues as well.

You will find more information of what is allowed and what is not in the Terms and Conditions of the Service.

You can find the list of our shared hosting packages here.

Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting is basically a shared hosting with larger resources assigned and features that allows also reselling to other parties. But even the server for resellers is still shared with other customers, therefore the same conditions apply (even though the server may offer better performance, it does not mean that abusing its resources will be tolerated).

The naming difference of those two basic types of hosting (shared vs reseller) could raise a question if it is possible to resell also shared hosting services. Well, it is of course possible, but the reseller packages are designed to be more attractive for reselling than the shared ones.

The Conclusion

Generally speaking, shared or reseller hosting is mainly not suitable for hosting critical resource-consuming applications as the servers used are simply not designed for such loads. This does not mean that we exclude all web application scripts. On the contrary! We support many great open source and commercial blogging systems, content management systems, helpdesk applications, collaboration tools and much, much more for both low and high load web projects, but should a script be the reason for overloading resources of the server, we will have to take corrective actions as stated above.

More information regarding disallowed scripts or activities can be found within our Terms and Conditions of the Service.